Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ms. Summer hot-pants

We've decided that we're the Pants family. From time to time, my dog, Oso, will post as Mr. Poodle-Pants, my fiance, Ken Gruberman, will post as Mr. Gruber-Pants. I'm sure you're panting for our posts.

Anyway, I'm Ms. Hot-Pants today given the temperatures. Keepin' cool at the Grove and about ready to see "Kit Kittredge," Ms. American Girl-Pants. We're seeing it for a few reasons: one being, Mr. Gruber-Pants is the music copyist and score supervisor for the film. Secondly, I've been longing to see history made relevant to children for decades and also as entertainment. It's about time children see themselves in history too. History is about a lot more than battles and which patriarchs dominated which patriarchs. That's not to say I don't think we should learn about kings and princes, but there were much larger casts than that! Give me the kids, the scullery maids, the queens and princesses, too! OK, signing, off as always, the crankier you are the less cranky I'll seem and then we'll all be happier! 

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