Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My 55th birthday

Imagine my surprise when a woman thanked me recently for being truthful about my age. I was speaking on a panel and I mentioned my birth year. I'd forgotten that some women feel compelled to lie about their age. Not that I blame them. This culture is not kind to women at any age, but they are especially callous toward women over 30. What a waste to make anyone "less than" because of age.

It's not easy being a person of any age, or of any gender. How I long for a day when we relate to people as beings rather than things.

I am simply grateful that I'm alive and I intend to celebrate my age every year, as a triumph and as a way to honor my parents.

It was not that long ago that the life expectancy was so low that we never expected to have to confront those things that we confront now.

In some ways, we're all longevity pioneers. I intend to squeeze every ounce of living out of every year I possibly can!

That's my birthday blog and I'm sticking to it. 55 years baby! and that's the speed limit but I've never observed the speed limit anyway...

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