Monday, September 8, 2008

Ahh, Monday.

Hello, cyber-space.
I'm sometimes tripped out by the sheer numbers of people who "blog." Who will ever read these ubiquitous entries? Will some future species find them and say, "Girlfriends, these folks were really wrapped up in themselves." I think too of all the photos that digital cameras have allowed. Really, who the hell cares to see one more "spontaneous" shot of Sally flossing her teeth? Or the umpteenth birthday party. Part of the joy and pleasure of things is in their rareness.

Mr. Grubersnort just got an e-mail from a long-standing friend that accused him of being "gay." What is THAT all about? I suppose if he were a red-neck, a fifth-grader tossing epithets around, it might fit. Then we started wondering if he might not be a deeply closeted, thick into denial gay man himself. It's just odd. Here Mr. Grubersnort actually really loves women. Has had very successful relationships and this fellow can't seem to keep a relationship together. He doesn't even particularly like women as far as we can tell. Me thinks he doth protest too much.

I wonder how their little e-mail kerfuffle will turn out... hmmmm.

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