Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

We have company coming and we're working our ass off to have the house look presentable. Thus the term "Labor Day." Want to get your house in order? Have a party! It's always worked for me.

A dear friend of mine who I'm in dialogue with over various political issues just sent me the question, "what do Women's rights ultimately look like for you?" Wow. Got a year? I'm blogging this quickly because our guests will arrive too soon but the real answer is, "I don't know." Women have not -- so far -- had enough of our vision in the public domain to really even contemplate what women's equality might look like. We're pioneers in all of this. I think a more accurate way to say what I'm committed to is "gender balance," or maybe even "gender justice." But it's all up for the creation of it now isn't it and only limited by what we can envision. So many of us get embroiled with NOT being the Past, that we stop at creating a future.

OK, gotta go wash dishes! How's that for going from the profound to the profane in a gender kind of way?

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