Sunday, September 7, 2008

Seeking Submissions for New Anthology Proposal

Seeking Submissions for Proposed Anthology
I’m looking for stories and anecdotes for an anthology that may morph into a play or movie. The stories I’m looking for are those moments that were so stunning that you were left speechless. They are often defining moments and I’m looking for ironic or absurd not tragic or violent.
Here’s an example, one of my own anecdotes:
I was 18 years old, newly in California from South Dakota and grateful to be “home,” in a state where I felt like I belonged the moment I set foot here. I was a young actor and pretty good, a natural. I fell in love with the head of the drama department’s acting program and who happened to be directing a lot of the up-coming shows. Oh and by the way, he was a recovering monk, literally newly out of a monastery where he’d lived for the previous 10 years. He was horny.

Our attraction was mutual and we soon became an “item.” Rather than being a classic example of a “casting couch,” he turned out to be more concerned with his reputation than my education and bent over backwards to make sure I wasn’t cast well in anything. So much for his mentoring abilities.

So one day, I’m at my house which I share with 2 other young women. He calls and says he’s got some bad news. He’s got gonorrhea and by “extension,” I probably do too. I’m hurt, stunned and scared. This is way before instant research and I can’t just “google” to find out if gonorrhea is going to kill, sterilize or drive me mad.
“I’ll be right over to take you to the clinic. The county law requires that I make sure you get treated.”
Fifteen minutes later, I hear him honk outside.

I go out and he’s got a borrowed station wagon with two other girls in the car. Girls that I know. Girls in the drama department. Girls who presumably also have swapped fluids with him and may be carrying his bacteria.

So stunned, I did not have anything to say in the moment. Instead, I dutifully got into the “clap mobile” and went to the VD clinic with them.

Ooooh, the things I coulda, shoulda, woulda said if I’d been thinking straight.

You can see what the tone is, here right? “Stupidist,” sexist, racist, job interview and dating anecdotes are of particular interest to me for this project.

If accepted, contributors will receive a complimentary copy upon publication and a contributor's discount on additional copies. The contributor will need to sign a waiver and agreement that the material may be edited or perhaps not used at all.

No previously published or simultaneously submitted material, please.

For submissions or more information, please contact me at

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